What is the delivery delay ?

All orders are handcrafted and custom made. Orders generally leave between 3-4 working days from the workshop. However, the delays may be slightly longer.


Can I return my purchase if I am not satisfied?

As the products are all custom-made for you according to your choices and the desired sizes, contact us to see what we can do. The product must be returned unused. Any returned products that have been used will not be refunded. All damage done by your dog is your responsibility.



Biowild Collars will deduct 15% from the refund of any goods approved for return to help with the administrative costs of the order. Delivery charges will not be refunded.


Who will pay the shipping costs for the return of my product?

The customer must bear the return shipping costs, unless the product problem is the responsibility of the store.


What material is used to manufacture the products?

The material used is an alternative to leather which is called Biothane ® beta . There are two thicknesses of biothane® beta, the ''super heavy'', and the ''standard''. The ''super heavy'' is 0.150'' thick and the ''standard'' is . a thickness of 0.100". Biothane ® is a nylon webbing coated with a thermoplastic polyurethane.


What hardware is used?

The hardware used is always mentioned when choosing hardware on the product sheets. It can be nickel or stainless (silver), brass (gold) or plated for black hardware. The most durable hardware in the long term is brass/brass or stainless hardware. The nickel hardware will eventually rust and the color of the black hardware will chip, depending on use. When the products have been in contact with salt water, it is best to rinse them with fresh water on leaving to avoid premature wear of the hardware. Recommended hardware for salt water: Brass/Brass or Stainless.

How can I clean my product?

The easiest method is to use water and a mild soap. Scratch brushes can be a good way to remove tougher stains. A little rubbing alcohol can also be helpful.


If I find a promotional code after making my purchase, is it possible to apply it?

Unfortunately, I do not apply any promotional codes after the purchase has been made. It is the customer's responsibility to enter the code before making the purchase. You can always write to me before if the code you are trying does not work. No code will be disclosed upon request.


Product Warranty

It is the customer's responsibility to choose a product based on the size of their dog. If the customer still wishes to select a product smaller than the recommendation. Biowild withdraws from any guarantee concerning the breakage of the product.