1'' collar adjustable heavy duty quick release

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1'' wide collar
Biothane is a strong, durable material that does not stretch, is water resistant and does not absorb bad odours.

Brass hardware (brass plated buckle), nickel or black plated.
For better water resistance, choose brass (gold) hardware. Unfortunately, black plated hardware will chip over time.

When ordering, please tell me the size of your dog's neck adjusted (two fingers space under the flexible tape measure). The collar features 4 inches of adjustments.

The adjustment is made using a screw rivet. Simply remove the rivet and put the collar to the correct fit and then replace the rivet. **Always check that the rivet is well screwed before using the collar.

When it's time to clean the collar, use only water and a mild soap such as dish soap.

Recommended breeds:
German Shepherd, Labrador, Husky, Golden Retriever, Weimaraner, Australian Shepherd

*The screw rivet may mark the biothane.