Collar 1'' doubled 1'' 1/2 heavy duty

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Collar width 1'' doubled 1''1/2.
Biothane is a strong, durable material that does not stretch, is water resistant and does not absorb bad odours.

Hardware store:
Brass, stainless, nickel or black plated hardware.
For better water resistance, choose stainless (silver) or brass/brass (gold) hardware. The black plated hardware unfortunately chipped over time.

When ordering, please tell me the size of your dog's adjusted neck. This size corresponds to the central hole of the adjustments from the end of the buckle. The collar has 5 adjustment holes for a total of 5 inches.

Color visualization:
Do not hesitate to send me a message before your purchase in order to visualize your necklace with the chosen colors!

Recommended breeds:
Bullmastif, Rottweiller, Pitbull, German Shepherd, Doberman, St-Bernard, Great Dane