Limited slip collar 3/4'' heavy duty

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Limited slip collar 3/4''
Biothane is a strong, durable material that does not stretch, is water resistant and does not absorb bad odours. Ideal for dogs who tend to pull their collar out of their head.

Hardware store:
The hardware colors available for this model are gold (brass), silver (nickel) and black.

When ordering, please tell me the size of your dog's neck adjusted as well as the size of the head (see photo). This collar being non-adjustable, be sure to measure the size of your dog's neck and do not hesitate to send me a message if you hesitate so that we look at the best option.

When it's time to clean the collar, use only water and a mild soap such as dish soap.

Recommended breeds:
Shiba inu, Beagle, medium to large puppy, border collar, French bulldog, Jack Russel